zinc 29 target

Chemical composition:

Zinc (Zn) 29.7%

Recommended crops:

It’s used for vegetables, fruits trees, filed crops and ornamentals

Rate of application 100-150gm /600 l of water as foliar spray


– The presence of zinc in a complex image on organic acids helps to quickly absorb and treat zinc deficiency.

– has an active role in enzymatic reactions.

Zinc helps in the formation of plant hormones.

– Enter the formation of cytochrome and some pigments.

– has a role in the formation of starch and carbohydrates, which are formed within the plant.

– plays an essential role in the synthesis of tryptophan as well as the synthesis of activated auxins for most plant biological processes.


Available in 100 gm. &500gm & 1kg &10kg

Or according to recommended order