Sina fert20

Chemical composition:

Nitrogen (N) 20%

Phosphorous (P2O5) 20 %

Potassium (K2O) 20%

Sulfur (S) 4.41%

Recommended crops:

It’s used for vegetables, fruits trees, filed crops and ornamentals


Vegetables (Greenhouse): 200-250 gm. /100L (Spraying every 12-15 days)

Vegetables (Open field): 350-500 gm. /100L (Spraying every 12-15 days)

Fruit trees: 300-400 gm. /100L (Spraying every 15 days)

Cereal Crops: 2-3 kgm. /fadan (Spraying during Season)

Ornamental plant & Shrubs: 300-400gm. /100 L (Spraying every 15 days)


Fertilizer easily absorbed and used AS A NUTRITIONAL SUPPLEMENT comprehensive because it contains major elements which increases the vegetative growth of the crop

– Works to increase the production and quality of the crop.

– Improve the marketing properties of the crop.

– Save fertilizers on environment and is non-toxic when used concentrations recommended

-Increase the plant’s ability to withstand hard conditions in the salty and sandy soil.

– Helps the plant resistant to weather factors such as frost and high temperatures.

– Potassium helps to stimulate the formation and transport of carbohydrates to fruits leads to increased quality in terms of coloring and stability during storage.

– Phosphorus helps to push the plant to increase flowering and encourage them to set and also helps in the growth and development of the root system which increases the utilization of nutrients in the soil.

-Nitrogen works to increase the total vegetative growth in plant which increases the photosynthesis process.


Available in 1-5-10-20 kg bags.

Or according to recommended order