Potassium 47 target

Chemical composition :

Potassium (K2O) 47.9%

In form potassium acetate source


Potassium has an important role in the mechanical control and regulates water in the plant through the mechanical opening and closing of stomata.

-The presence of potassium acetate in the form of simple organic acids, which helps to speed absorption into the plant.

-Potassium play an important role in the transmission of carbohydrates and protein from the leaves to the places of their storage in roots.

-It helps to increase the size and hardness fruit, and improve their economic characteristics.

-It has a role in regulating the thickness of the cell walls and thus affects the associated attributes such as lie when potassium deficiency vascular tissues are weak.

-It helps the plant to resist weathering (moisture – high temperatures – frost – salinity)

Recommended crops:

Potassium 47 target used for all vegetables, fruit trees and filed crops as following.

Rate of foliar spray 0.75-0.5 kg /acre

Rate of dilution 100-150 gm. /100 liter

Rate of drip irrigation 3-2 kg/acre


Available in 1-5-10,20 kg bags.

Or according to recommended order