Humic target

Chemical composition:

75 % Humic acid

10 % Potassium (K2O)

2 % Potassium Nitrophenolate

Recommended crops:

It’s used for vegetables, fruits trees, filed crops and ornamentals

Vegetables (Greenhouse): 400-600 gm. /acre

Vegetables (Open field): 0.8-1kg /acre

Fruit trees: 14-2-gm. /Tree

Cereal Crops: 1 kg /acre

Ornamental plant & Shrubs: 0.75-1kgm./acre


ncrease soil fertility, humus contents and clay disaggregation.

– Release of unavailable macro – micronutrients (Fe –Ca-Mg-Zn-Mn-B-Cu – P- k) into available nutrients for plants

– Improve microbial activity.

– Reduce fertilizer requirements.

– Micronutrients transference.

– – Potassium nitrophenolate is effective in stimulating and increasing the total root of the plant


Available in 1 -10 -25 KG OF ALUMINIUM BAGES

Or according to recommended order