Calcium 20 – 1.5 Target

Chemical composition:

Calcium (CaO) 29%

Boron 1.5%

In form Calcium acetate source


– Helps calcium and boron on the activity of buds and flowers and prevent their association and prevention of diseases of calcium deficiency physiological.

– Boron works to regulate the ratio between calcium and potassium in the plant

– The presence of calcium in the form of calcium acetate on the ease and speed of absorption through the leaves and roots and the rapid treatment of symptoms of calcium deficiency.

-Calcium activates enzymes and synthesizes carbohydrates and proteins.

– enters the building of the walls of the middle of the cells and thus increases their hardness.

– Helps to increase the growth and spread of the root total.

– Helps the plant to resist stress and weather factors such as frost, salinity and high temperatures.

– Calcium and boron play a key role in the treatment of fruit deformities and increase their hardness, thus improving the economic characteristics of the crop

– Boron works to transport carbohydrates from the production sites to storage places in the plant is therefore an important component of sugar crops as well as fruit trees


Available in 1-5-10-25 kg bags.

Or according to recommended order