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Rawkit company for fertilizers and chemicals

Rawkit for fertilizers and chemicals Quality; vision; goals

Founded Roquette Company for Fertilizers and Chemicals for the manufacture and production of fertilizers and plant growth regulators new technology and sophisticated of the finest international raw materials, which kept pace with the rapid and continuous development in the agricultural field in terms of providing a new level of quality to cope with the new types of hybrid seeds and genetically engineered with high productivity, which requires the provision of nutrients in a simple and easy absorption images of the plant and thus back on the farm and investor in the field of agriculture and high productivity while maintaining the economic quality of the crops and the new generation of fertilizer is not by elements of foodstuff Vision in fertilizer, but the image that there is the element so as to facilitate its absorption and access to the plant by spraying foliar and roots, which reduces the number of times the transaction and cost-saving and thus increases the economic return of investment in the agricultural field